Tips for hiring a divorce lawyer in Salt Lake City


Divorce is one of the most critical decisions of your life. It is not about just a change in your marital status, or paperwork, divorce can impact you emotionally, financially, socially, and personally. You need the maximum support you can get, and besides your therapist, family and friends, you should consider having an attorney by your side. In this post, we are sharing some basic tips for selecting a Salt Lake City divorce lawyer

  1. Expertise. You would hire an orthopedic doctor for a cardiac concern. Similarly, when it comes to your divorce, you need someone specializing in family laws. Ask the attorney if they deal primarily with custody and divorce cases, and whether they have handled divorces comparable to yours. 
  2. Experience. How long have you practicing in Salt Lake City? – This is one of the basic questions that one must ask before hiring a divorce attorney. Besides studying law, a lawyer must have practical experience. How the attorney handles the case can influence the outcome heavily. 
  3. Communication. There are divorce attorneys who are always busy, often because they take more cases than they can manage. Find a lawyer, who has the time and is communicative. You would want to know about ways to access your lawyer when you need the most. 
  4. Reviews. If you are comparing attorneys in Salt Lake City, online reviews and testimonials can be really handy. Make sure that you ask the lawyer for references too. Working with a law firm may help, as they have multiple divorce attorneys working for them, and you can find reviews easily. 
  5. Costs. Some attorneys work on an hourly rate. In Utah, you can expect to pay $100 per hour or more for divorce attorneys. The best lawyers can charge a lot more, but that’s because they have the experience to handle complicated cases. Other law firms may ask for a retainer fee. Note that attorneys in Utah cannot take up divorce cases on a contingency basis – that is prohibited. 

Meet your attorney

The first consultation with a divorce attorney is usually for free. Some lawyers do charge a nominal amount at times, but it is prudent to meet an attorney in person. A good lawyer will listen to you, offer their advice, and guide on how you can protect your rights and interests. Make sure to bring all relevant documents and papers with you, to get a fair evaluation of your divorce case. 

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