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Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Divorce Attorney in Virginia


Divorce can change your life in a drastic way. It actually leaves a lasting effect on the rest of your life. It’s always a good idea to have an attorney on your side if you are planning to get divorced. As divorce lawyers have legal expertise in handling divorce cases, hiring them will help you make the right decisions. With so many divorce lawyers in Hampton Roads, how do you choose? Some may not be good at handling divorce cases. Doing proper research is extremely important when choosing an attorney.

Read the reviews about the different divorce attorneys online before making a decision. There are numerous website, where you can find reviews about different attorneys in Virginia. You can also check the official websites of different divorce lawyers to find their client reviews.

What Questions You Must Ask before Hiring a Divorce Attorney

How Many Divorce Cases Have You Handled?

Hiring a divorce attorney is just like hiring a surgeon. Nobody wants to hire an attorney who has not handled even a single case. Going through a separation is difficult, and if you have to monitor the work of your attorney, it can be really stressful for you. You must always hire a lawyer who can take care of everything.

How Many Cases Were You Able to Settle outside the Court?

Most experienced divorce attorneys try to make a settlement between both the parties outside the court. Only skilled divorce lawyers can make settlements outside the court. Choose an attorney who has handled a greater number of cases always.

Can I Contact You on Emails and Calls?

If you have something important to discuss, ask your attorney how to reach him or her. As some attorney’s charge on an hourly basis, you must check with your attorney whether he or she is going to charge for a conversation on calls and emails.

How Many Cases Do You Handle at a Time?

Avoid choosing an attorney who handles too many cases as he or she may not be able to pay full attention to your case. Choose an attorney who can pay complete attention to your case.

Will You Attend the Court with Me for the Hearings?

Ensure that you choose an attorney who is comfortable in visiting the court with you whenever required.

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