5 Must-Have Qualities of a Great Business Attorney


Both big companies and small businesses hire corporate attorneys to help solve problems and navigate legal situations. Business lawyers can cover different areas, starting from establishing a company to taking care of legal matters and dissolving it.

Most business attorneys are knowledgeable and may help your company to run smoothly. Choosing to deal with a corporate attorney will make sure all your operations go overboard. To achieve this, you might want to hire a corporate lawyer Toronto with the following qualities:

1.     Commercial Awareness

Every law firm is a business and their main work revolves around helping other businesses solve commercial problems. This is non-negotiable, and it’s unfortunate that it’s an area where many graduates let themselves down.

It is important you stay on top of the current issues and may demonstrate their opinions on stories that interest you. It is also recommendable that you work with an attorney that sets up Google alerts so they can be notified once new deals or stories are made public.

2.     Communication

This kind of trait is two-fold. At first, you must reach your lawyer directly, without the need to play phone tag. Whether you want to call or email your business lawyer Toronto, it is vital you don’t feel pushed aside or ignored.

Secondly, your lawyer shouldn’t make you feel confused after a meeting or conversation. Your lawyer must be direct, clear, and keep you informed on the available options, ensuring you make the right decisions, which you can feel confident about.

3.     Experience

One vital trait to look for in an attorney is experience. As a businessperson, having an experienced lawyer will ensure all the legal matters of your business are handled properly.

You may ask your attorney how many business licenses they have helped entrepreneurs secure and for how long they have been offering this kind of service to local businesspersons.

4.     Technology Savvy

The law industry has mired in tradition for many centuries. The occurrence of innovation was reserved for the application of case law and precedence. However, the infusion of technological developments is changing all these.

Automation, new digitally augmenting software, and AI are filtering through legal practices. Although inefficiency might not always have been the problem for legal law firms, changing client expectations means tolerance for all the outdated practices.

5.     Compassion

Basically, this is an emotional feeling where one perceives the problem of another person and genuinely and authentically solve the issue.

This is part of what attorneys do. People go to a business lawyer Toronto with the issues and avoid future problems.

Working with compassionate attorneys means that the experts will be able to put themselves in your shoes and understand your problems. This way, the experts can anticipate what to do and even take pre-emptive steps that will benefit you as a client.

In Conclusion!

Corporate lawyers are good at multi-tasking. They can encounter many issues and challenges. Plus, they fulfill their duties with proficiency and competence.

Most corporate attorneys are also equipped with skills and knowledge to solve business legal problems with perfection.

Eric Lilly
the authorEric Lilly