Knowing When to Get a Bail Bond


When you are facing criminal charges, it is important to understand the system that you are about to go into and when to get a bail bond. You should also know where to get one, which is likely from a bail bond company Allentown PA. Bail bonds are essentially a way for one to get financial assistance if they are arrested and either released or given more time than what their bail amount is.

There are many reasons why someone would need to get a bail bond such as skipping bail when facing eviction, skipping court when one’s case is being processed, paying bail when one is supposed to be in jail, or even paying bail when their own bail bond was defeated by the courts. Understanding when to get a bail bond can be easy when one has a good understanding of what they are getting into.

In Case You Are Audited

One of the first times to get a bail bond is when one is being searched at their home or place of employment. Some employers may check to see if one is who they say they are by looking at the person’s social security number, driving license, or any other information that can be used to get to know whether or not the person is telling the truth about their identity. In other cases, a bail bond service will run credit checks on potential bail jumpers.

Types of Bonds

There are also different types of bonds that people can get. Some of these options include surety bonds, bail bonds, and bond guarantees. When one is looking to work with a bondsman, it will help to know what kind of guarantee he will be giving with the cash that one is paying. Surety bonds will often involve someone showing that they have the financial ability to pay off a bond if they are arrested, while bail bonds will involve that the person is capable of paying off the full amount of the bond no matter what happens.

Consider Your Options

The last consideration to make when to get a bail bond when going to jail is the time that one is going to spend in jail. The longer a person spends in jail, the more money that will be added to the bond will go higher. People who are looking to avoid jail should therefore be sure to get a bail bond before they go to court.

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