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Immediately after a car crash in Philadelphia, you should call 911 and seek medical attention for your injuries. If you suffered injuries in an accident that wasn’t your fault and happened because of someone’s wrongdoing, you should report the accident to relevant authorities. If the other party owed you a “duty of care”, you could recover financial compensation for your injuries. This applies to all kinds of personal injury cases, including medical malpractice, product defect-related accidents, slip and fall incidents, and truck accidents. If you are wondering whether you need legal help, we have a few solid reasons why hiring one of Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys is a smart step. 

  • Know the laws. Understanding personal injury laws can be complicated for any commoner. You need to be sure if the claim is worth pursuing. With their clear expertise in law and years of experience, lawyers can explain things that are not immediately apparent. If you don’t know your legal rights in a personal injury case or want to get advice on dealing with the surrounding circumstances, a lawyer is your best bet. 
  • No consultation fee for the first meeting. People often refrain from seeking legal help because they are worried about the costs of hiring an attorney. Truth be told, almost all personal injury lawyers in PA offer a free initial consultation meeting. This meeting is your best window for knowing the attorney and finding the merits and demerits of your case. 
  • Know the claim better. Should you file a personal injury lawsuit in the first place? This depends on many factors, including your action, expected compensation amount, and other facts. An attorney can help evaluate the true worth of your claim. No lawyer can ever promise an exact outcome, but they can share a clear outline of the expected recovery. 
  • No upfront fee. If you are wondering about how to pay the attorney to take the personal injury claim, you should know that the fee structure is different for such cases. Unlike criminal or family lawyers, personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee. The lawyer can only ask for a fee if they win. 
  • Deal with the issuance company better. It is no secret that insurance companies often deny and delay claims for weird reasons and rely on bad faith insurance tactics. You don’t have to work with the claims adjuster directly with an attorney by your side. 

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