The Best Ways to Manage an Arrest


If you were recently arrested, you should know how to handle your charges and what to do. Although this type of situation can be overwhelming, knowing how to proceed can give you the confidence you need to get through the problem.

Find Out Your Charges

Before anything happens, you need to find out what you are being charged with. Are your charges serious that would make it a felony, such as aggravated assault or burglary, or are they related to traffic, like a DUI? Knowing what you are dealing with can give you a clear-cut idea of what to expect next.

Get Bonded Out

If you are being jailed, it is important to find out what you have to do to get bonded out. If you do not have the money to get yourself out, bail bonds Berks County PA can help you. Getting bonded out of jail is beneficial since it allows you close contact with your family, the ability to keep your job while dealing with the court, and can make life easier overall. You’ll find it easier to talk with your legal team when you aren’t in jail.

Seek Help From an Attorney

Working with an attorney is necessary, especially if you are dealing with serious charges. Your attorney can let you know what to expect and keep you updated on any news they hear about your case. They can also tell you if they have heard anything about a request for you to have time in jail or prison, or if something unexpected has changed with your case. This can be useful and far less stressful than trying to manage yourself on your own.

Create a Plan

Now that you know what you are dealing with, have gotten yourself bonded out, and have the help of a lawyer, it’s important to work with your attorney to create a plan on what happens next. Can you plead guilty and get some of the charges dropped? Will you have a shorter jail sentence if you do so? Having a plan can give you something to work toward and feel more in control of the situation.

Dealing with criminal charges can be overwhelming. Find out what these charges are, and see if you can get bonded out. Having help from your attorney and making a plan of what to do next can help you feel empowered and move beyond the situation.

Eric Lilly
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