Hiring truck accident lawyers in Vermont: Top questions answered 


Accidents involving commercial trucks are not uncommon on the roads of Vermont. If you were injured in such an accident, you need to seek legal representation at their earliest. Victims often have their concerns about hiring a lawyer, especially when they are in financial distress. Law firms like Sabbeth Law have been helping truck accident victims for years now. In this post, we are answering the top questions about hiring a lawyer in the state. 

Do I need a truck accident lawyer?

That’s often the first question that injured passengers ask. Truck accidents are inherently different and complex when compared to car crashes. There could be multiple parties at fault, including the vehicle manufacturer and loading company, and getting a fair settlement is rarely easy. Trucking companies and their insurers often have an aggressive defense stance, and they employ the best corporate lawyers. It would help if you had an injury lawyer who could handle everything on your behalf. Although not mandatory by law, hiring an attorney can ease your stress. 

How much do lawyers charge for truck accident cases?

Typically, all lawyers work on personal injury claims on a contingency fee. The same is true for truck accident cases. If the lawyer wins the case, they get a fixed percentage of the settlement as their fee, not exceeding 40% in most circumstances. When they lose, they don’t get paid at all. As such, seeking legal representation for a truck accident case doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Your lawyer can even advance other expenses on your behalf. 

What to look for in a good truck accident lawyer?

Firstly, not all attorneys work on truck accident cases, so the experience is the key factor to consider. Most auto accident claims are settled outside of court, but if the matter ends up in court, your lawyer should be capable of proving your claim. Besides experience, you can also check reviews of an attorney to understand their credibility and popularity. Check if the lawyer is empathetic to your circumstances and answers all your queries in the first meeting. Top law firms in Vermont offer a free initial consultation for truck accident cases.  

Truck crash injuries can take months or even years to heal. If you have suffered because of someone’s negligence, you must be compensated for your damages. Call a lawyer without delay after your accident to make the most of available evidence. 


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