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5 Scenarios When you Need the Services of a Business Lawyer


Law is a very broad subject and when running a business, it is essential that you comply with the many business laws that are in place. There are many occasions when you might need to seek legal advice and here are a few examples.

  1. Franchise Contracts – If your business has enjoyed sustained growth and you have reached the point where you can offer franchise opportunities, you will need an experienced business lawyer to help you draft a contract that protects you and the franchisee. Making a mistake with franchise contracts could lead to disaster, which is why you need a good business lawyer. Of course, your business needs to be well-established before you can advertise to potential franchisees and the lawyer can help you to come up with a foundation for what will become the final draft of the contract.
  2. Commercial Real Estate Leasing – If you are looking to expand your business by leasing further real estate, the lawyer can make sure that you are not going to be restricted, as he or she always has the client’s best interests at heart. If you contact CK Lawyers, business lawyers who are experienced can make sure you enter into the agreement fully aware of the details.
  3. Company Formation – There are many different ways that you can register a business; sole trader, partnership and limited company are just a few. When the lawyer understands your goals, he or she will advise you on the best way to register the business.
  4. Contractual Conflicts – You might have a conflict with a supplier and would like to take legal action to recover a loss, which is something an experienced business lawyer can handle. Perhaps a customer has owed you money and after several unsuccessful attempts to recover the money, you decide to hire a lawyer to start the legal proceedings. The business lawyer understands the need to pursue legal avenues to recover much-needed revenue.
  5. Preparing a Joint Venture Agreement – When you join forces with another company to achieve a joint goal, the agreement needs to be comprehensive and an experienced business lawyer can certainly make sure that the agreement covers every aspect of the project.

If you forge an alliance with a local business law firm, they can be very useful in the future and can advise you on any aspect of business law. You will never have to worry about non-compliance when you use the services of a local business law firm.

Eric Lilly
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