Finding the best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer


Motorcycles are fun and enjoyable to ride but always prone to accidents. Motorcycle accidents result in catastrophic injuries for the passenger and the rider. An accident involving two cars might be termed as a minor collision with minimal or no injuries to the occupants, but this is a different case when motorcycles are involved. In an accident involving a motorcycle, the rider rarely escapes without a trip to the hospital for treatment of severe injuries or fractured bone lacerations.

Suppose you are the injured motorcycle rider or passenger as a result of the negligence of another driver. In that case, the compensation you get hugely depends on the motorcycle accident lawyer’s skills and experience representing you. Let’s dive into some of the vital information that you need when making decisions about the attorney capable of securing you the maximum compensation for your motorcycle accident injuries.

Factors to consider when hiring a Motorcycle accident lawyer

Becoming an attorney is a strenuous process that requires several processes before you are legally entitled to practice law within a given state. Attorneys admitted to practice law can represent victims of motorcycle accidents or even defend suspects charged in a court of law for committing crimes. The key factor that sets attorneys apart from the others is their experience and prowess in handling cases in a particular area of law. For instance, any lawyer can represent an injured person in court, but if you are seriously injured, you would need to hire an experienced lawyer with well understanding of negligence law, as well as courtroom trial skills. The three major factors to consider when hiring an attorney to oversee your damage claims in a motorcycle accident include:

  • Experience and good reputation: A motorcycle accident case requires that you get a good motorcycle accident lawyer who can get the best results out of it. Besides asking your attorney some questions to help you make the best choice, you also need to do a search online and look at some testimonials and online reviews from many sources available before deciding on one.
  • Location: The location of your attorney is very important in determining the success of a motorcycle accident case. Many of the law firms and advocates who advertise their services on ads come from other states or states that are hours away from the hearing of your case. Most of the out-of-state law firms refer cases to other firms located in your state, leaving you with nothing to say over the choice of lawyer. Choosing a lawyer located in the county or state where a court case will be heard is a good idea because it means you’re well represented by a lawyer who is familiar with the judges and understands all the local court procedures.
  • General Practitioners:Most law firms and attorneys function as general practitioners. This means they can handle criminal defense, wills, personal injury, real estate all at the same time. An attorney who occasionally handles motorcycle accident cases will not possess a similar level of trial skills and familiarity with the law as an attorney who primarily concentrates on personal injury law. The best and easiest way to know about your attorney’s practices is by asking questions.

Ways of finding a motorcycle accident lawyer

Based on data from the American Bar Association, there are 1.3 million attorneys in the United States, and about 170,000 of them practice law in California. Only a small percentage of attorneys exclusively handle motorcycle law. Some of the best ways to narrow down in search of your motorcycle accident lawyer include lawyer referral, bar associations, friends and relatives, lawyer directories, and Google search.

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