What to Do when Wrongly Dismissed from Employment


Although your employment may be at-will, there are instances where it is wrong for the employer to terminate the contract. You may be at liberty to leave the work when you want, and the employer can terminate the agreement legally.

Failure to follow the company policies can warrant firing. Also, being late for work or engaging in fraudulent activities. But, things like sexual harassment, pregnancy, race, religion, age, compensation claims, and whistleblowing should not be a reason why you get a dismissal from your work. When you experience illegal contract termination, it would be best to have a wrongful dismissal lawyer like Stacey R Ball take your case. It can be challenging to tackle your employer without legal help and remedy the challenges. A company will probably have attorneys on its side.

The Legislation

The labour laws protect employees from wrongful dismissal. Therefore, you can sue an employer when they violate your rights or do not follow the provisions in their policies or operating procedures. The legislation varies from one region to another. It is vital to understand the law surrounding employment in your country. Alternatively, you can consult a wrongful dismissal lawyer to determine if you have a claim for your termination.

The Factors to Consider

As stated earlier, dismissal cases can be complex. You have to consider certain factors and gather enough evidence to ensure you win the case. Also, it takes time to complete the process and get damages for the troubles. First, it is mandatory to alert the ministry of labour about the wrongful termination for the State authority to investigate the matter. Then, you can file a lawsuit to sue your employer after a particular time elapses from the time.

It is vital to prove that the termination was illegal. So, records of communication would help if there were instances of discrimination leading to your dismissal. In addition, the employment contract and company policies can act as a reference for the procedures the employer out to follow for contract termination. Still, having witnesses support the case is beneficial. It can be someone who experienced the same incident at your workplace, or they saw the incident that led to your firing.

Record the events with a wrongful dismissal lawyer during the first meeting. Include the individuals involved, time, and place the incidences happened. Communication records can help with the claims. So, ensure you consolidate all necessary evidence before leaving the workplace.

The Procedure

Filing claims for wrongful termination have deadlines, and it is critical to act soon after you are fired. If you do not know how to undertake the process, you can research the internet to understand how to do it in your location. Still, a wrongful dismissal lawyer can guide you through the process. So consult the legal experts to follow the procedures and follow the guidelines to filing a lawsuit. The attorney will assess your claims and proof to determine if you have a case.


An employment lawyer plays a significant role in termination cases. Ensure the professional has the qualifications, skills, and experience you need. Vetting them will help you get the best representation for the legal battle.

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