The Process of Obtaining a Green Card: Things You Should Know


You may get a permit in one/more of the following ways:

  • Marriage
  • Employment
  • Loved ones
  • Investment
  • Asylum
  • Permit Lottery Game

The website includes dozens of write-ups, as well as a video describing how you can receive an irreversible home in the U.S., and how the process functions.

Yearly, over 1 million individuals obtain green cards to reside in the USA. For family-dependable immigrants, the quota is 226,000 annually. It’s 140,000 for employment-based immigrants, as well as a visa lottery for 55,000. Because of these annual allocations and the 7% per country cap, over 4 million individuals are presently waiting in line for green cards.

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However, there is no quota for prompt loved ones of U.S. people, Partners, dads, moms, as well as children.

Getting long-term residence allows you to live, as well as operate in the USA for the rest of your life as long as you do not desert your house by remaining outside the US for too long a time or engage in conduct that renders you based on deportation. After a certain variety of years after acquiring an irreversible home, you can apply to naturalize, as well as become a United State resident.

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Change of Condition

Many individuals that are living in the US are eligible to adjust their standing to the long-term residence without leaving the U.S. Nonetheless, if you have ever violated your authorized immigration standing, you may be qualified to adjust your condition just if you:

  • Are a “prompt family member” of a United States citizen, Parent, kid, or spouse;
  • Qualify for benefits under section 245(i) of the law, as well as pay a proper penalty;
  • Qualify under area 245(k) of the regulation as an employment-based immigrant; or
  • Certify under area 209 if you are an evacuee or an asylee.

Research Your Method

Obtain a pupil visa to study at a United States college to get a master’s or bachelor’s degree. That will qualify you for a 1-year post-graduate work permit called Optional Practical Training. Adhering to the one year, obtain your employer to request an H1B work visa for you. Then, obtain the boss to make an application for labor accreditation from the Department of Labor showing that there are no American employees that are ready, prepared, as well as able to take on the task. After you obtain a green card. This is a lengthy and also winding roadway, loaded with misery; however, it might be the only option for several applicants, especially those who have abilities but little money to spend and no family members in the USA.

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