Most Common Internal Injuries Appearing In Car Accidents


In many car accidents, the injury that appears is blunt force trauma. Oftentimes, the trauma is apparent. For instance, when you have a broken nose or you bleed, it is very easy to spot. The problem is that blunt force trauma sometimes leads to internal injuries and bleeding. This is not as obvious. It is very important that you get medical treatment as soon as possible after the car accident to diagnose all your injuries, including those that are not visible. Also, a car accident lawyer in Albertville AL will use the medical documents received for your personal injury claim.

The Most Common Car Accident Internal Injuries

Some of the more common internal injuries to expect in car accidents are:

  • Fractured ribs
  • Broken ribs
  • Damages to the liver, kidneys, spleen, and the other internal organs
  • The presence of internal bleeding in your chest, abdomen, or head

Some of the internal injuries do have some external symptoms. However, this is not always reality. Whenever you experience headaches, any type of pain, lightheadedness, dizziness, or you have some symptoms that do not have a known explanation, you have to get checked out. There is a possibility there is something really bad with you. If some noticeable visible symptoms appear, like skin discoloration or swelling, they are signs you have an internal injury after the car accident.

The good news is that many internal injuries end up healing alone. However, even so, it is important to be under the doctor’s observation. Your injuries need to properly heal and complications have to be identified as early as possible. It is even possible that you may need blood transfusions to deal with the blood you lost because of internal bleeding. If the internal injury is serious, emergency surgery might be needed so that organ damage can be repaired and bleeding can be stopped. Do not delay such treatment since you might die or might end up with some long-term organ functions impairment.

Using Medical Evidence In Injury Claims

When you suffer from internal injuries due to the actions of a negligent driver, you most likely should receive financial compensation in order to cover medical care, treatment, non-economic damages and so much more. However, in order to have a successful personal injury claim, it is very important to have medical evidence. This comes from the documents that are issued by the medical professionals who treat you.

Your attorney can find all the documents you need. But, this is only the case if you actually were treated. It is very important to get the medical help you require and get those documents. While you recover from your injuries, the personal injury attorney can easily take care of every single legal part of the injury process.

Remember that internal injuries are literally nothing to neglect. They are potentially life-threatening and tend to be so much more serious than what you initially believe. Even if you do recover on your own, the help of the doctors is priceless since you could recover so much faster

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