Lawyers: How To Choose Your Software


Where is the element that leads to this difference? Is it the training, the very nature of the tasks, or simply a more mature awareness of other professions about technological advances?

The legal professions seem to live in the past, and training no longer seems adapted to the reality of the market. The Future of the Lawyer Profession” emphasizes that the lawyer must be an entrepreneur. Lawyers or future lawyers still need to be taught how to be entrepreneurs. Indeed, some lawyers, whatever the generation, have entrepreneurial DNA, but this is not the case for everyone. Indeed, being an entrepreneur in the 21st century can be learned. Know how to choose software for your law firm:

Know Your Activity To Identify Time-Consuming Tasks

An expression states, “there are as many lawyers as people are practicing the profession. Suffice it to say doing like his colleague may not be the best solution.

And yet, lawyers instead all have, according to their means, the same digital tools, which most often boil down to practice management software such as Estate Planning Software for Attorneys. Indeed, these online journals dominate the market by their quality and exhaustiveness of the offer for legal professionals. But is it suitable for everyone?

To find out, you must know your daily work life inside out. And there, often, a new difficulty arises. Some lawyers do not have a determined process, are multidisciplinary, and one day is not like the next. They are into the art of adaptation and conflict resolution.

Therefore, it is essential to identify time-consuming tasks without much-added value to replace them or facilitate their implementation by a digital tool. Thus, the drafting or revising contracts, jurisprudential research, doctrinal research, court proceedings, management of the secretariat, prospecting for new clients, purely informative exchanges with clients, etc., can, depending on how the practice works, be defined as time-consuming tasks.

Hyper-specialized lawyers will undoubtedly find it easier to choose the right tools from the number of services offered by smokeball for example. Therefore, if you find it challenging to identify time-consuming tasks clearly and quickly, it might be advisable to review your Business Model.

Structure Your Firm Around New Technologies

Integrating new technologies in a law firm can also lead to rethinking the latter’s structure. Indeed, hierarchies, traditional positions, and the distribution of tasks can be impacted by the systematic integration of tools at all stages of the law firm’s activity.

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