All About Dog Injuries


Dog injuries are fatal both to humans and other dogs as well. Dogs are often fearless and adventurous creatures. The world is full of hazards that can easily harm your dog. Below is all you need to know about dog injuries and how to maneuver in such an instance.

Common Dog Injuries

Eye Injuries

They are the most common dog injuries reported by many dog owners. Eye injuries occur when your dog gets involved in a fight with a cat or another dog. Your dog may also be prone to this injury when it is hanging its head on the window of your moving vehicle. The debris in the air may easily affect your dog’s eye, leading to abrasions.

Excess tearing, squinting, eye discharge, eye-bulging, redness, and eye swelling are some of the noticeable symptoms of an eye injury in a dog. Eye injuries can easily turn severe; thus, you should consult your vet immediately if you notice any symptoms.

Dog Fight Injuries

These are injuries that your dog may sustain when involved in a fight with another dog. Dog fights often lead to severe injuries to the soft tissue and the skin. If your dog is involved in a dog fight, you should immediately contact your vet for it to receive medical attention. If the dog bite is severe and you wish to be compensated by the other dog’s owner, you can visit a dog lawyer.

Spinal Injuries

Spinal injuries are the aftermath of dog accidents or can be caused by genetic predisposition. The intervertebral disc disease can also cause spinal injuries. Common symptoms include difficulty walking or drunken gait. Spinal fractures are rectifiable through surgery.

Oral Injuries

They often occur when dogs are chewing or eating something hard. During a dog fight, your dog may sustain a dog bite that will lead to oral injuries. Minor oral wounds are easily treatable using medication, while major oral injuries require surgery. These injuries can easily cause damage to the gums, tongue, soft tissue, or other teeth of your dog.

How to Deal with a Dog Bite

Seek Medical Attention

If you sustain a dog bite, you should seek immediate medical attention to prevent the wound from worsening. Not all dogs are vaccinated against rabies, and a bite from a non-vaccinated dog can cause serious health effects. You should also request the doctor to issue you with a medical report in case you will need to present it in court while seeking compensation.

Exchange Information

You should exchange your contact details with the dog owner for ease of communication after the incident. Also, collect the dog’s details, such as its vaccination history and breed. Enquire from the dog owner about the insurance details of the dog. You will require this information while following up on your compensation case.

Documentation of the Dog Bite

You should document any injuries you sustained from the bite and any effects of the dog injuries, such as limited mobility, prolonged pain, and inability to perform daily activities. This documentation can comprise any medical records, scene photographs, or other records.

Consult your Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog bite lawyers have vast experience in handling dog bite claims. Ensure you provide your lawyer with all the information relating to the dog bite accident. Your lawyer will then build up a strong claim case to ensure you receive timely compensation. You should avoid sharing your case details with any unauthorized party without the consent of your lawyer, since this may affect your compensation amount.

With this knowledge, it is easy for you to receive adequate compensation if you sustain a dog injury. Ensure all your pets are vaccinated to minimize the severity of the injuries.

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