AdWords For Lawyers And Law Firms: Some Optimization Tips


The AdWords Google is an excellent strategy for your office to have significant visibility in Google search results and it helps legal internet marketing. Unfortunately, it is widespread to see poorly optimized campaigns and that consume the budget quickly and generate bad accesses, with a bad return on investment. In other words, Google AdWords is great, but it needs to be appropriately structured, with a well-defined strategy and following rules that will help bring good results. Here are some optimization tips for AdWords for lawyers and law firms

  • Optimize the Landing Page

The landing page is the page where you direct the visitor who clicks on your ad (you are not simply directing to the cover of the official website, right?). It is also essential in the campaign’s Quality Score and directly impacts the strategy’s results. Law firms and lawyers should make sure that landing pages have the following points covered:

  • The page has content related to the ad and campaign keywords
  • The page is easy to navigate and use
  • It makes relevant and valuable content available to the target audience.
  • It loads quickly.
  • Take advantage of ad extensions

Ad extensions are additional features that Google makes available and that lawyers can use to increase the visibility of campaigns and their performance. For example, it is possible to add a phone number through the phone extension, allowing the visitor to click on it and make a call directly from their cell phone (something practical and very functional).

  • Add negative keywords

Negative keywords are terms that you DON’T WANT your ad to appear. By adding negative keywords, lawyers can prevent their ad from appearing on less relevant searches. Some examples of negative keywords that lawyers may want to use:

  • Free
  • Pro bono
  • Employment (for those looking for a lawyer job)
  • Vacancy (same as the previous one).

Check the report for terms used in the search constantly. It allows you to understand the exact terms that people are using, which causes your ad to appear. If you see searches that you know will not generate new business, eliminate them by adding them as negative terms.

AdWords can be very effective as a marketing platform for law firms and lawyers in general, creating great exposure for the brand and services. However, if the campaign is not managed correctly, it can be costly and have a poor return.

Eric Lilly
the authorEric Lilly