A long-term disability (LTD) insurance protects you from losing your income if you are unable to work due to a disabling health condition. You can purchase long-term disability insurance via your employer or opt to buy a private plan from the insurance company.

However, having LTD insurance doesn’t mean that it is easy to claim when the time comes. If anything, pursuing a long-term disability claim is a complicated and overwhelming process, especially when dealing with your health. This is when the help of an LTD lawyer becomes indispensable. Here are the reasons why.

An LTD lawyer helps you evaluate your policy.

Long-term disability insurance may contain complex terms and hard to interpret requirements. Note that all LTD policies are different depending on your situation, even those from the same insurance company. The policy defines aspects such as the definition of long-term disability, the requirements you must meet to collect benefits, monthly payments, and the period you will receive the payments. Besides that, the policies also have some restrictions and conditions.

An LTD lawyer from can read through your policy, analyze the terms and determine if you have a condition that warrants an LTD claim. They can also help you collect evidence to back up your claim and remove any complications that might arise when you file a long-term disability claim.

Helps you navigate the complicated LTD law

One of the advantages of having an LTD lawyer is that you can take advantage of their expertise to navigate the complicated LTD law. There could be different laws surrounding your claim, for instance, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, which applies if your LTD insurance is acquired through your employer.

Your claim may also be governed by personal jurisdictions, for instance, steps you must take to appeal a claim if the initial one is denied. An LTD lawyer helps you keep track of the deadlines and follow the law when filing your claim.

An LTD attorney holds the insurance company accountable

An LTD lawyer knows the rules that apply to insurance companies and can hold them accountable to the terms stipulated in your LTD policy. As you may already know, some insurance companies are notorious for delaying or denying claims without valid reasons. A lawyer can ensure they treat your claim fairly and ensure they comply with the terms of the policy.

Helps you avoid mistakes

Failing to meet the deadlines stipulated in your LTD policy can result in denial of your claim. Also, if you don’t understand your definition of LTD, you may not provide sufficient evidence to satisfy your claim. Other errors include using the wrong language in your claim or not recognizing that the policy may not cover some aspects of your claim. When filing an LTD claim, you should not miss any deadlines or leave out any crucial pieces of information. An LTD lawyer can help you avoid such mistakes.

The bottom line

It can be overwhelming to handle the complexities of a long-term disability claim. Thankfully, an LTD lawyer takes care of everything as you focus on your health.

Eric Lilly
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